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What’s Your Perfect Nail Polish Color?

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There are several things you can do to find the perfect nail color for you! With the endless choices there are now, it can at times become frustrating to find that “it” color. Many of us get stuck using the same colors over and over again just because we are comfortable with them. But, we are here to help you find a new and fabulous nail color that is just right for you!

Skin tone is one way to choose your nail color, with the rule of thumb being that lighter skin tones should be matched with softer, more muted nail colors, while darker skin tones match up nicely with just about any shades at all. When you’re at the beginning of a new season, that might be a good time to adorn the pastel colors of springtime for instance, or the darker shades of coming winter. There are some colors however that look amazing on all skin tones, light or dark. These include dark plums and neutrals. Continue reading

The Perfect Nail Color For Every Occasion


Choosing the right nail color for every occasion can be hard to do, especially since there are hundreds of shades to select from. Your selection may be guided by your skin tone. In such cases, there are some general guidelines to observe, such as understanding that a pale-skinned person should avoid darker colors, while someone with darker skin would comfortably be able to wear a broader range of shades.

When your choice is more about the occasion than anything else, there is a different set of guidelines which come into play. For events which are professional in nature, like a business conference or an interview, it’s usually best to stick with softer, more toned-down neutral shades which are not attention-getting. Conversely, a huge party like a wedding reception or a New Year’s Eve celebration might call for something much more daring and flashy. Continue reading