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Best Revitalizing Bath & Shower Gels


There is nothing better than a shower gel that opens up your senses and makes you feel ready to conquer your day. Bath and shower gels come in many different forms. There are cream versions; gel versions some that help relax you and some that help awaken you. One of our all time favorites are revitalizing bath & shower gels. Anyone that is into bath & body products understands there is nothing better than a great revitalizing body wash; it is the ultimate bath-time experience. Continue reading

L’Occitane Angelica Face Scrub


There is nothing better than feeling your face clean, refreshed and glowing. Nothing provides this sensation better than a good facial scrub, however many scrubs tend to irritate or dry out your face. Having used most of the scrubs you find at the drugstore, we can honestly say, this is where you do not want to bargain shop. Finding a great face scrub means spending a little more than you would at the drugstore, but also getting a lot more results than you would from your drugstore brands. One of our favorite facial scrubs is L’Occitane Angelica Face Scrub. Continue reading