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Keratin Hair Serum

Find the perfect pre-styling and post-styling serum infused with natural keratin for your smoothest, shiniest and healthiest hair.

Keratin is one of the top selling ingredients for summer. It is a must have for those of us that have frizzy, curly, damaged or unruly hair. The natural protien not only helps control frizz, but it also infuses your hair with strength, shine and maintains its overall health. This is why we are so excited about one of our newest products from CHI hair care.

CHI Keratin Silk Infusion Keratin & Silk Reconstructive Complex for damaged and dry hair is your go to pre-styling and post styling serum. Infused with natural keratin, this leave in treatment helps to protect your hair from heat styling and increases shine and smoothness. Yes, this little bottle basically does it all! Continue reading

DIY Keratin Complex Express Blowout


For those who have been hearing all the buzz on the Express Blowout and want to try it, we are here to help you out! The best way to get smooth hair at home is to use, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Express Blow Out. Keratin Complex Express Blowout lasts from 3-6 weeks, less time than your regular keratin treatment. It offers you the same results as a keratin treatment, smooth hair, more manageability, enhanced shine and frizz control. You can wash your hair within 8 hours after having the treatment, and total time for application is an hour, depending on the amount of hair you have and length. Continue reading

How to Make Curly Hair Beautiful and Frizz-Free

If you want to maintain your hair frizz-free and smooth, look no further. As we all know, keratin is the key ingredient for beautifully smooth hair. Keratin proteins help to keep your hair frizz-free, full of shine and strong. For this reason we are absolutely in love with Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Keratin Care Shampoo Keratin Enriched Formula. This Keratin enriched formula helps clean your hair gently and fights frizz. Continue reading

How to use Liquid Keratin


One of our favorite keratin treatments is the Liquid Keratin 30 Day Straight Smooth & Long Treatment Starter Kit. The reason we love this product is because it offers an extremely user-friendly, no way to mess it up kit that brings absolutely everything you need for beautiful and smooth hair. Liquid Keratin 30 Day Straight Smooth & Long Treatment Starter Kit is an all inclusive keratin treatment kit that offers you brilliant, strong and frizz-free hair for up to 30 days. Continue reading

How to Apply a Keratin Treatment

apply-keratin treatment

One of the top searches right now on the web is for Keratin Treatments! Yes, believe it or not, the Keratin Treatment is hot right now and it is so because it is so “hot” outside. While the heat continues to rise, the rain falls and the humidity starts to attack our hair, we are all running out to get a keratin treatment in hopes that we can tame our unruly hair for the next few months and salvage our beauty under extreme heat and humidity. Continue reading

Brazilian Blowout


As the summer heat starts to rise so do our frizz levels. For many of us, this means a lot of unmanageable hair and a whole lot of frizz that is almost impossible to tame. Not very pretty and certainly not attractive, this is why many of us are sprinting to get a Brazilian Blowout before the heat rises.

What is a Brazilian Blowout? A Brazilian Blowout is a keratin treatment that helps guard against frizz and keep your hair brilliantly smooth. One of the best keratin treatments is the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Express Blowout. It leaves your hair smooth, stronger and frizz free, no matter how hot or humid it is outside. You can walk out the door and not have to worry about your hair all day and night, no matter what the weather is like. Continue reading