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Hair that is truly brilliant and healthy needs to be pampered and nourished from time to time. Whether you’re looking for hair care treatments for colored hair, weekly maintenance, or simply hair treatments for hair growth or damage control, you’ll find what you need from our extensive section of hair treatments. Our range of hair treatments for all types of hair, include some of the most reputed brands around. No more spending extensive hours in a salon paying for costly treatments. Achieve salon grade results at home and affordably. With our very competitive prices, you’ll find that great hair has never been so easy!

Best Shampoo for Brunettes

Brunettes often struggle with finding the perfect shampoo. many of us are trying to keep our hair healthy, shiny and maintaining it from developing those nasty orange tones. For those trying to stay away from orange tones in their brunette hair, look no further. The perfect shampoo for brunettes trying to keep their hair orange free is Fanola No Orange Shampoo

Fanola No Orange Shampoo is a treatment shampoo created with rich indigo pigments. These blue pigments neutralize your hair and tone the orange from your hair. This works on both color treated hair and natural hair. Both color treated hair and natural hair tend to develop orang tones from exposure to sun. Fanola No Orange Shampoo neutralizes the orange tones and creates a beautiful golden, chestnut tone. This is the best shampoo for brunettes that have either lightened their hair, are trying to go lighter their hair or are have hair exposed to sunlight. Not only will this treatment shampoo save you a trip to the hairdresser, it will also keep your hair true to color to that you need less processing, which means less damage to your hair. Continue reading

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

We are so excited to announce that we will be selling Fanola Hair Products! For those of you not familiar with the line, it is the best haircare for color treated hair. or blondes!

Fanola’s No Yellow shampoo is ideal for grey, super-lightened or de-coloured hair. redness and brassiness from your hair in as little as 5 minutes. Best of all, they also offer excellent hair treatments that help keep your hair color full of shine and true to color.

One of our Beautyvice beauty experts has recently started lightening her very dark black hair. She is transitioning from dark brunette to blonde slowly. This has been very challenging. We all know that darker hair tends to start getting red and brassy throughout the bleaching processes. This is something that drives us all crazy. Always searching for a solution to hair problems, our experts found Fanola the best shampoo for blondes. Their top selling shampoo, the No Yellow treatment shampoo helped our blonde in the making achieve a beautiful hair color free of brassiness and free of redness.

Fanola No Yellow Treatment Shampoo is created with indigo pigments. These pigments help to neutralize yellow, red and orange tones. Continue reading

Hair Color Treatment Masks

Maintaining your hair color vibrant is never an easy task. It’s always frustrating to see your hair color fade. We all know some of the simple truths about hair color. First and foremost, shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo. Stay clear of too much sun exposure. try not to over style with heat products. This are some of the simple ways to maintain your hair color healthy. Continue reading

Keratin Complex Hair Products

Keratin Complex products are our most popular products on Beautyvice.com. These products are know for their smoothing and strengthening properties. The line began alongside Coppola Hair Care. Currently working independently from Coppola, Keratin Complex continues to make smoothing products for all hair types.

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Keratin Complex involve the usage of their smoothing treatment. Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment is a professional use product. We as a company do not advice for it to be used by those that are not properly trained in the application. The Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a very sensitive product. Many do not realize that it is activated when exposed to air. For this reason many times the solution is ruined when customers unknowingly leave the bottle open, or return unused solution into the bottle. Both these actions will make the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment no longer able to be used.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment Professional Shop Now

We also find many customers do not understand the entire process by which to apply this product. The product only works as well as it is applied. This means, the closer you stick to the suggested directions by Keratin Complex, the better the results you will get. The entire process is quite lengthy and requires someone to apply it. We never advise self-application. Continue reading

Thermal Hair Treatment for Healthy Hair

Many of us suffer from dry or damaged hair due to heat styling. Let’s face it, whether it be blow drying or flat ironing the majority of us heat style our hair. Many of us heat style our hair almost daily. If you have course, frizzy or unruly hair this is something you relate to. You also relate to the extreme damage and dryness all this heat styling causes.

For those of us that depend on heat styling for day-to-day hair maintenance, there is an answer. There are many heat protectants out there. These are great products to use before heat styling. What these products do not offer is reconstructive therapy for your hair. For those who are looking for a true hair remedy for constant heat styling look no further. CHI Infra Treatment Thermal Protective Treatment is an all in one, hair treatment and thermal protectant for all hair types. This is your go to hair reconstructive treatment that does it all. Created with silk therapy, this amazing treatment helps to infuse your hair with internal moisture and enhance elasticity. It helps to seal the hair shaft so that your hair is more manageable and the cuticle left smoother. This amazing product offers you the ability to spend less time heat styling and less heat needed for a smooth and shiny finish.

Chi is known for their heat styling tools. They created their hair care products with their tools in mind. Chi hair care products such as the Infra Treatment offer your hair maximum protection. Heat styling damage is minimized. Shine is enhanced. Elasticity increased. The final results are beautiful, healthy and stronger hair that is protected from damage. Continue reading

Natural Hair Products for Healthy Hair

For those who are always on the lookout for natural options to their hair care routine, we have the perfect brand for you. Amika Hair Care is one of the top selling natural hair care brands in the US. For those not familiar with Amika, it is cutting edge hair care line from New York City. if you live in New York, you will certainly recognize the brand.

Amika Hydrate Conditioner Sea Buckthorn Berry All Hair Types 10.1 oz.

Known for its artistic labels and “out of the box” perspective to hair care, Amika offers not only excellent hair care products and tools but amazing prices as well. Continue reading

Shampoo and Conditioner made for Travel

Your trusty shampoo and conditioner are two things that you certainly cannot do without. Traveling without our favorite haircare items can cause absolute havok on our hair. Most of the time, hotels offer shampoo and conditioner sets that are full of fragrances and leave our hair dry and dull. Continue reading

DIY Keratin Complex Express Blowout


For those who have been hearing all the buzz on the Express Blowout and want to try it, we are here to help you out! The best way to get smooth hair at home is to use, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Express Blow Out. Keratin Complex Express Blowout lasts from 3-6 weeks, less time than your regular keratin treatment. It offers you the same results as a keratin treatment, smooth hair, more manageability, enhanced shine and frizz control. You can wash your hair within 8 hours after having the treatment, and total time for application is an hour, depending on the amount of hair you have and length. Continue reading

How to Restore Damaged Hair



Restoring your damaged hair is all about feeding your hair hydration and nutrition. Think of your damaged hair, as you would hungry stomach. When your hair is damaged, it is literally thirsty for proteins and nutrients that have been stripped and depleted as the result of chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental aggressors. Damaged hair is rebellious. It is dry, feels rough and looks dull. Getting your hair back to a smooth and healthy state can be a bit challenging. Depending on the degree of the damage, it can be either a quick process or a very long wait if your hair is severely damaged. Continue reading

What is a Keratin Hair Smoothing Therapy?


It seems that the one question on everyone’s mind lately is, “What is a Keratin Hair Smoothing Therapy?” and “What can it do for my hair?” To answer these questions lets start with the simple facts about Keratin. Keratin is a natural protein that is found in our hair, skin and nails. Continue reading

3 Easy Ways to Have Smooth Healthy Hair

smooth-healthy-hairSmooth hair is quite challenging to achieve especially as the summer weather heats up. The combination of heat and humidity can cause even the healthiest hair to start to frizz. Keeping healthy hair smooth is quite easy. It takes a lot less work to maintain healthy hair than to get weak hair back into shape! So if your hair is healthy, here are a couple easy steps that you can do to maintain your hair smooth, full of shine and looking fabulous in the summer heat. Continue reading

How to Turn Dry Hair to Healthy Hair


Healthy hair is on everyone’s must have list. If your hair looks and feels healthy, it will also look and feel beautiful. Unfortunately healthy hair is something most of us struggle to achieve. The reason most people do not have healthy hair is usually the result of chemical processing. Hair bleaching is the number one reason for dry and damaged hair. We bleach our hair, heat style, bake it in the sun and simply do not take good care of it. Most of us also do not take the time to care for our hair on a weekly basis or between chemical processes. Continue reading

How to Change your Hair Color

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From time to time I become obsessed with changing my hair color. I blame the magazines for this obsession, as every page has a beautiful golden blonde or golden brunette that simply cries out my name. The problem with this obsession of mine is the fact that I have jet-black hair and going from black to anything light is simply not a simple task. I have done this a couple times already. This won’t be my first time delving into the unknown of hair lightening. I have gone from black to brown, black to blonde; only to go right back to black. Continue reading

How to Get Healthy, Strong Hair


From time to time our hair needs a boost of protein, strength, and shine. Kerastase Resistance Force Architecte Reconstructing Masque is the perfect hair treatment to help boost our hair’s overall health. We all know that weekly hair treatments are the cornerstone to healthy hair. With the variety of choices out there, you certainly have the opportunity to maintain your hair beautiful without having to pay salon prices. Continue reading