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Hair Color Treatment Masks

Maintaining your hair color vibrant is never an easy task. It’s always frustrating to see your hair color fade. We all know some of the simple truths about hair color. First and foremost, shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo. Stay clear of too much sun exposure. try not to over style with heat products. This are some of the simple ways to maintain your hair color healthy. Continue reading

Thermal Hair Treatment for Healthy Hair

Many of us suffer from dry or damaged hair due to heat styling. Let’s face it, whether it be blow drying or flat ironing the majority of us heat style our hair. Many of us heat style our hair almost daily. If you have course, frizzy or unruly hair this is something you relate to. You also relate to the extreme damage and dryness all this heat styling causes.

For those of us that depend on heat styling for day-to-day hair maintenance, there is an answer. There are many heat protectants out there. These are great products to use before heat styling. What these products do not offer is reconstructive therapy for your hair. For those who are looking for a true hair remedy for constant heat styling look no further. CHI Infra Treatment Thermal Protective Treatment is an all in one, hair treatment and thermal protectant for all hair types. This is your go to hair reconstructive treatment that does it all. Created with silk therapy, this amazing treatment helps to infuse your hair with internal moisture and enhance elasticity. It helps to seal the hair shaft so that your hair is more manageable and the cuticle left smoother. This amazing product offers you the ability to spend less time heat styling and less heat needed for a smooth and shiny finish.

Chi is known for their heat styling tools. They created their hair care products with their tools in mind. Chi hair care products such as the Infra Treatment offer your hair maximum protection. Heat styling damage is minimized. Shine is enhanced. Elasticity increased. The final results are beautiful, healthy and stronger hair that is protected from damage. Continue reading