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How to Apply Sunscreen Properly

How to Apply Sunscreen Properly

Summer is here and many of us are looking for the best sunscreen for our skin. There is a fine line between a healthy glow and unhealthy sun exposure. Once the damage is done, it is very costly to reverse. Our best advice when it comes to sunscreen is simple, apply your sunscreen every day. Make it part of your daily beauty routine so that your skin is always protected. Continue reading

Learn How to Apply Your Face Moisturizer

Learning how to properly apply your face moisturizer is the most effective way to assure your skin feels and looks beautiful every day.

Knowing how to properly apply your face moisturizer is the first step towards having great skin. Surprisingly, most of us have been doing it the wrong way all along. Moisturizing is a must for all skin types. Applying your face moisturizer is a process that takes time and technique. To properly apply face moisturizer so that it truly works its wonders on your skin, there a few key steps that make a big difference in how your face feels and looks. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Age Spots


Creating an even toned and smooth skin can at times be a little difficult. Many products promise results, but simply end up clearing out our bank account instead of our age spots. After having tested various skin correction treatments, we have come to find that one of the best even skin tone correctors is Neova Clarity. Neova Clarity is a skin care product that helps clear up breakouts, age spots, and smoothens your skin. This is the perfect treatment for those whose skin is acting up because of hormonal changes, environmental factors, and those who have scarring from blemishes. Continue reading