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How to Achieve the Perfect Bold Blush Look

Achieving the perfect look with your blush is not always an easy task. Too much can leave you looking like a doll, and too little is roughly the same as applying none at all. When you’re going for that bold, adventurous look with your make-up, you need to have the blush just right, or the whole effect will be ruined. Here are some tips on how to heighten the effect of your blush through proper application and layering. Continue reading

Perfect Makeup: 3 Easy Steps to Look Gorgeous Everyday


It’s not always easy to achieve that elusive perfect look when you’re starting out each day, but it can certainly help if you have a routine which includes using the best eye makeup, mascara, and lipstick or lip gloss. Finding the right combination of these can be a daunting task all by itself, partly because there is such a vast array of personal care products available to choose from. While there are probably other ways you can make yourself look your most beautiful each day, this three-step approach is one that will be easy to stick with, and will definitely give you the results you’re looking for. Continue reading

How to Get a Perfect Sexy Celebrity Lips In Seconds

One of the first things noticed about you when you enter into a roomful of people is your lips, especially if you’re wearing lip gloss or lip liner. A lip plumper which fills out your lips makes them even more noticeable and attractive because the fullness and the appealing color evoke thoughts about the ‘kissability’ and the inviting nature of your lips.

There are many personal care products which can be used to enhance your lips and give them that special celebrity look, including the three outstanding choices described below. You may have to experiment a little in order to find a combination of lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner, and lip plumper which works best for you, and which brings out the very best from your lips – but that’s one of the joys of personal grooming and trying to look your best. Continue reading