Perfect Hair Every Day

If there is one thing no one has naturally is perfect hair. Those women you see with enviously, beautifully perfect hair don’t just wake up like that! Perfect hair requires some work. We all know that. And if you’re willing to follow this easy routine, perfect hair can be yours.

Rule number one for perfect hair is applying a weekly hair mask. I know this may sound like a broken record. However, the reason you are always hearing about the importance of using a hair mask is because it is critical for healthy hair! They not only nourish your hair. They also help to protect it from damage. Depending on your hair type, pick a hair mask that will help meet your needs. For those who feel they need a combination of hair treatments, alternate. One week use a moisture rich mask and the next a protein reconstructive mask. This assures that your hair is getting all it needs from one week to the next.

The secret to getting the most out of your hair mask is to apply to damp or 80% dry hair. Never apply a hair treatment to soaking wet hair. The water in your hair repels the mask and therefore will keep it from being absorbed. Our next rule of thumb is, whenever you can sleep on it, do so! Yes, if you are able to leave your hair mask overnight go ahead! The longer the mask is left on, the softer and more perfect your hair will look and feel. Our current favorite hair treatment mask is Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3. Even if you don’t bleach your hair or color treat your hair, this is a great treatment to use. It helps to reconstruct the hair shaft. It boosts shine and best of all adds intense moisture to your hair. 

The next rule for perfect hair days is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. This may seem a little silly, or extravagant. However, considering how much your hair rubs against your pillowcase as you sleep, it really does make a difference. Silk pillowcases help promote smooth, shiny and soft hair in the morning. The silk reduces static and frizz. We also suggest not drying your hair with a towel. The towel adds friction, increases unruliness and frizz. Using a soft t-shirt instead will help to smooth your hair after you wash.

Yet another perfect hair secret is to start creating your morning hairstyle before you go to sleep. Most of us do not have the time in the morning to perfectly style our hair. For those of us with a time crunch, styling while you sleep is key. Its quite simple and you will be absolutely surprised how great your hair looks with such effortless styling. For the perfect effortless waves, try braiding your hair before going to bed. If you prefer a sleek look in the morning try pinning your hair with large pins to maintain smoothness.

Another little secret for perfect hair is always have dry shampoo at hand! Dry shampoo is the perfect and quickest way to add texture and volume to your style. Simply apply the dry shampoo to dry roots and mid lengths. Shake through your hair and go. We are currently obsessed with Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner Sea Buckthorn Berry. This product works like a dry shampoo, adding volume, texture and removing excess oil. However, it also adds shine and moisture to your hair.

Having perfect hair is quite easy when you put in the work. Try our tips for the perfect, healthy and beautiful hair every morning.

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