Olaplex No 3 Hair Treatment

As an avid healthy hair girl, I am always looking for a great way to keep my hair healthy. Sometimes it is a hard task since I am constantly changing the color, adding extensions and heat styling my hair. Given the daily challenges my hair goes through, it is surprising that it is strong to any degree. I am very fortunate to have very resilient hair. What does this mean? It basically means my hair takes a lot of damage and surprisingly doesn’t end up a hot mess.

I am an avid hair treatment connoisseur. I simply love the idea of dousing my hair in a thick conditioner and hoping for a transformation. Most treatments work great for helping to nourish your hair with moisture. Having dry hair is tough, especially when you live in a humid climate as I do. I love adding extra moisture to my hair.

My latest obsession is Olaplex. I first came to know the through Instagram. I was absolutely fascinated with the images of people going from dark black hair to platinum. Their hair also looked so healthy and shiny. It left me a bit obsessed with going lighter and seeing just how good this product was.

Olaplex No 3 can be used as an at hoe hair treatment. It is a moisture rich conditioning treatment that helps to strengthen, protect and enhance shine. Olaplex No 3 can be used by all hair types. For those who color or bleach their hair this treatment is a must. It helps to transform your hair and allows you to be more playful without having to worry about severe damage.

Olaplex No 3 has left my hair ultra soft, smooth and full of shine. It has helped to deduce the damage of biolage hair color. Most importantly, it is affordable! This is not a hair treatment that is going to make you feel guilty due to the price tag. It is word every penny! To apply the treatment, simply start by shampooing your hair. You can use this treatment along with your favorite color protecting, sulphate free shampoo. Once you have shampooed your hair towel dry it. Apply the treatment from roots to ends. To allow the treatment to absorb into your hair most effectively, apply to damp hair. Hair that is soaking wet won’t absorb the treatment as the water repels the conditioner from your hair. Leave the treatment 15 minutes, or even better overnight! Wash out and style as usual. Use the treatment once a week and you will see your hair change and become stronger with each use.

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