Lash Perming and Lash Tinting

Always interested in new beauty trends, we were excited learn more about lash perming and lash tinting. The idea of having darker and curled lashes without the need for mascara is amazing. Most of us would not dream of leaving the house without applying at least one quick swipe of our favorite mascara. Our lashes would simply feel naked without it on!

The process itself is amazingly fast and painless. Each step takes about ten minutes. The most uncomfortable part is you cannot open your eyes during the process, which means all you want to do is open you eyes! We tried to rest and take a small nap, as it was so peaceful.

The actual lash perming process involves applying a curling solution to your lashes. First they clean all makeup from your eyes and lashes. Next a rubber bumper “thing” (not really sure what it is) is placed above your top lashes. Once this piece is in place, the esthetician begins to apply the solution onto your lashes, wrapping them around the rubber bumper. this helps create the perfect natural curl without the need for an eye lash curler. Once ten minutes processing time is up, the esthetician cleans the solution from your lashes and removes the rubber bumper. You immediately see a beautiful and natural curl! It is quite satisfying to see how beautiful your lashes look naturally curled without the need for an eyelash curler. We were very happy with step one.

Next we tried lash tinting. This also takes about ten minutes. The esthetician places a cloth under your eyes to protect your skin from the color they are applying onto your lashes. Next the tint is swept onto your top and bottom lashes. Your eyes stay closed. Once ten minutes has passed, its time for a quick clean. We loved, loved, loved what I saw. Darker lashes that were a lot more noticeable.

Does this mean we will be throwing away our trusty mascara? Let’s not get carried away. Lash perming and lash tinting won’t create your mascara effect. You will still need to apply mascara for a truly vavavoom effect. However, you will be able to skip the eyelash curler for good !You will also have dark and curled lashes every morning and will have more noticeable lashes without any makeup. That is certainly a plus in our beauty book.

Do we think lash perming and lash tinting are a must try? YES! It is quick, It is not too expensive and you will certainly love the results.

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