Korean Skincare Double Cleansing

Korean Skincare has certainly caused a craze throughout the past year. Known for boosting youth and radiance, Korean Skincare Routines are taking over. For those who want to start experimenting with this trend we suggest you try Double Cleansing. Its easy and best of all can be achieved with every day cleansing products. Best of all, it is a great way to thoroughly clean your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture.

Double Cleansing does not require you wash your face twice. It is a little more methodical than that. This Korean Morning Skincare routine (and night) consists of using two different cleansers. The idea behind Double Cleansing is to wash your face with both an oil based and a water based cleanser. Each cleanser has a specific job.

Oil based cleansers are excellent for removing excess sebum in your pores. The oil in the cleanser attaches itself to the sebum within your skin and pulls it out. Water based cleansers help to wash dirt and other environmental pollutants that attach to your skin.

Used together, these two cleansers offer you a thorough cleanse that will leave your skin clean, clear and absolutely radiant. Oil based cleansers are also effective in removing makeup. Therefore you are beginning your Korean Skincare cleansing routine by removing excess oil and makeup and ending by cleansing all the oil and dirt from your skin. Your skin will feel soft and look amazing.

Products we suggest for Double Cleansing:

Kanebo Sensai Silk Purifying Cleansing Oil All Skin Types.

Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Gel All Skin Types. 

Double cleansing works for all skin types. It is a revolutionary Korean Skincare secret that is becoming very popular. Try it out and start to see the amazing change in your skin.


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