The Perfect Dewy Blush

Nothing says healthy more than a natural dewy glow. One of the biggest trends right now is a natural dewy flush. It is not only a sign of youth, but helps to brighten your entire face. You can easily create this effect with your favorite blush. This look can be achieved with both a cream or powder bush. All you need is a little vaseline and your favorite blush.

We always recommend that you use a natural blush color. If you are fair skinned try a natural light pink or peach hue. For those with olive skin tones try either a bronze. If you have darker skin, you can try a deep pink hue. You want to create a natural flushed look, not a made up look. The attention should be on your entire face, not just your cheeks.

Once you have your blush selected, remember to stick to the apples of the cheeks. Do not overdo it and add too much. Blush is meant to compliment your complexion and give you a boost of color. Once you have applied your blush, gently dab a little vaseline to the apples of your cheeks. Do this using your ring finger and gently tapping as you would apply your eye cream. The idea is to illuminate the cheeks and give them a natural glow.

You will absolutely love the results. This is an easy hack to help get that perfect dewy glow that complete;y transforms your entire look.

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