Davines Hair Assistant for Voluminous Hair

Davines is one of our top selling hair care lines. The Italian hair care lines creates top of the line hair care for beautiful results. One of the latest additions to their hair care line is the Davines Hair Assistant line. This section of the Davines product line is created by master stylists to help create salon like results at home.

The Davines Hair Assistant line consists of 8 products. They are all amazing and each helps create beautiful, healthy and professional hairstyles. One of our favorite products from this line is the Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator Texturizing Wood Powder. This little tiny bottle packs a great big punch of volume. This product is great for all hair types. It can be manipulated to give you the perfect volume. You can add a little for a little root boost, or a bit more for an overall voluminous finish. 

Best of all, it doesn’t flake or create stiff hair. Many of our customers complain that most volume boosting products either flake, or create stiff hairstyles. We understand that volume doesn’t have to mean stiff! There is nothing more beautiful than hair that has both movement and volume to it. This is why Davines Volume Creator is the perfect volume-boosting product. This product can be used both to add texture and volume to your hair. 

It is great for when you are creating braids! The powder helps to keep your braid in place and control it from slipping. Davines Volume Creator also helps to protect your hair from humidity and frizz. Created with bamboo and coconut powder, this amazing product helps to maintain your hair nourished and prevent dryness.

The product is applied wit a brush, which allows you to control how much texture or volume you wish to give your hair. Think of the Davines Volume Creator as a powder for your hair. You brush it on the roots and mid lengths and style. Easy to use and easy to wash off. No residue, no flaking, no stiffness.

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