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How to create Soap Brows

We all love the look of thick and youthful brows. Unfortunately, due to over waxing and over plucking, many of us have lost the fullness our brows used to have. To those facing a lack of density, there is a great solution! Soap Brows. Soap Brows is a long standing trend in the fashion industry. For years makeup artists have been utilizing soap and other tacky materials to create the illusion of thicker and fuller arches.

Creating this amazing and truly gorgeous look is quite simple. All it takes is a bar of Castile soap or even the use of molding gel or glue for hair. The idea behind soap brows is to enhance the fibers of your brows and create thickness and fill in any gaps. The outcome is quite striking and truly so easy to achieve.

There are countless how to videos on the internet to help you see how to achieve the soap brows effect. One of our favorites is Real Technique’s Soap Brow Tutorial. Its easy to follow and simple. remember this is not a difficult process. therefore you should be able to watch a video once and get the idea.

Al you need to create soap brows is a mascara spoolie, clear soap and water. To create the perfect soap brows start by making sure that your eyebrows are nice and clean. I like to add use eyebrow gel before hand to add color and fill in any gaps with my eyebrow pencil. then I proceed to add the soap. The soap also keeps the color in place. Wet your mascara spoolie and then run it on the soap creating a little bit of suds. Now. brush upwards. Continue adding soap to the spoolie as needed.

If you do not have clear soap at home, you can also use a clear hair molding paste such as TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste. Again the idea is to use something that will create thicker fibers. I have even heard you can use mascara primer to create a thicker look. The soap brows effect is the best only because it does keep your brows in place.

For those who want great arches and want to do it themselves at home, you must try soap brows! Its easy, fast and can be achieved with materials you have at home. Happy arches!!!!

How to Apply Dr Dennis Gross Brightening Solution

One of my new favorite anti aging products is the Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Brightening Solution. This is my new antioxidant rich day and night serum for bright, smooth and flawless skin. Let’s start by understanding exactly what Ferulic is and means for our skin!

Ferulic Acid Serums contain a combination of antioxidants. In the Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Brightening Solution it consists of 15% pure vitamin C, 1% vitamin E and 0.5% Ferulic Acid. Ferulic Acid helps to protect your skin from free radicals in the environment that cause aging. Ferulic Acid is plant based. Mostly found in bran, wheat and rice products.It aids your skin in more effectively absorbing vitamin C and E.

Ferulic Acid serums therefore are a great anti aging product to add to your daily skincare routine. I love the brightening solution because it helps to truly create a smoother, more radiant complexion. Continue reading

Hair Loss and Sleep


Ever question why your hair starts too look not its best when you have lost a few nights sleep? It should not come as a surprise, that sleep deprivation has the same effects on hair as it has on skin. Lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns can cause thinning hair, dull hair and overall hair loss.

Is lack of sleep the direct cause of hair loss? No. What causes our hair loss is the stress our bodies go through when we do not receive enough rest. When our body does not receive an adequate amount of sleep, our immune system begins to decline. We also experience hormonal imbalances that can result in thinning hair and overall hair loss. Continue reading

How to Apply Your Skin Moisturizer

Skin moisturizer is one of the top selling skin care products in the health and beauty market. Let’s face it; we all want soft, radiant and youthful skin. What is the best way to maintain your skin young and soft? The answer is quite simple. To keep your skin soft, glowing and beautiful all you need to do is keep it hydrated! Yes, the right skin moisturizer can transform skin.

Not all skin moisturizers are created the same. Some are too heavy and clog your pores. Others cause skin irritations. Some moisturizers are full of fragrances that dry out our skin. It is very important to remember that the skin on our bodies is just as sensitive as the skin on our face. Always look for skincare that is made for sensitive skin. These products are made with more natural ingredients. They also contain less chemicals and fragrances. Your skin moisturizer should treat your skin with the utmost care. Continue reading

The Best Mother’s Day Gift


Finding the best Mother’s Day Gift gift for the special mother in your life is a bit challenging. Whether it be your mother, grandmother, wife or friend, finding a gift that expresses your appreciation can be challenging. For this reason, Beautyvice has come up with a list of simple, yet fabulous beauty gifts. The gift of beauty and pampering is one that always pleases. Continue reading

How to Shampoo Hair Correctly

Learn how to shampoo hair correctly for optimal shine, health and moisture and maintain your hair beautiful from day to day.

Lately it seems everyone is joining the no shampoo trend. Yes, you are reading correctly, one of the latest hair trends is to skip your shampoo. The reasoning behind the this trend is simple, shampoo can dry your hair out, therefore if you skip the shampoo your hair will remain hydrated and healthy. The biggest problem with this concept is that shampoo is necessary. Shampoo helps to remove product buildup and remove environmental residue from your hair. Yes, it can be drying and yes it may leave your hair in need of hydration, but that certainly doesn’t make is unnecessary. Continue reading

Top 7 Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers Day Blog

With Father’s Day just a few days away, many of us are scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special father in our lives. Whether it be your father, your grandfather, a friend, husband or anyone else; usually these men are pretty tough to shop for. Why is this? Well because they don’t usually have a wish list in every on-line store like most of us mother’s do. To make Father’s Day shopping easy for everyone, we have created a list of the Top 7 Father’s Day Gifts
just for you. Best of all, you still have time to get it delivered by Saturday, right on time for Father’s Day. Continue reading