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Beautyvice is the place to go for hair styling products that allow you to achieve flawless and stylish hair. Wave goodbye to expensive trips to the salon, and say hello to the latest hairstyles right in the comfort of your own home. With our extensive range of hair styling and finishing products, you’re sure to find a product that helps you get the style that you want with minimal effort. We offer hair gels, hair sprays, balms, serums and waxes that help you create the perfect style every day and night.

Davines Hair Assistant for Voluminous Hair

Davines is one of our top selling hair care lines. The Italian hair care lines creates top of the line hair care for beautiful results. One of the latest additions to their hair care line is the Davines Hair Assistant line. This section of the Davines product line is created by master stylists to help create salon like results at home.

The Davines Hair Assistant line consists of 8 products. They are all amazing and each helps create beautiful, healthy and professional hairstyles. One of our favorite products from this line is the Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator Texturizing Wood Powder. This little tiny bottle packs a great big punch of volume. This product is great for all hair types. It can be manipulated to give you the perfect volume. You can add a little for a little root boost, or a bit more for an overall voluminous finish. 

Best of all, it doesn’t flake or create stiff hair. Many of our customers complain that most volume boosting products either flake, or create stiff hairstyles. We understand that volume doesn’t have to mean stiff! There is nothing more beautiful than hair that has both movement and volume to it. Continue reading

Mini Flatiron for On the Go Hair

Traveling can at times be a bit stressful, especially when it comes to our hair. Not having our daily must have products and tools means not looking our best. Being able to take our “must have” tools and products on the go is essential. These days everything comes in a travel size. From your favorite shampoo to your must have styling tools.

Our latest on the go hair tool is the Artero Minimyst Professional Ionic Mini Touchup Flat Iron. This little iron packs a whole lot of heat in a mini package. The travel sized styling tool allows you to smooth, touch up and even curl your hair on the go. Best of all, it is the perfect size to store in your carry on! Continue reading

Shampoo and Conditioner made for Travel

Your trusty shampoo and conditioner are two things that you certainly cannot do without. Traveling without our favorite haircare items can cause absolute havok on our hair. Most of the time, hotels offer shampoo and conditioner sets that are full of fragrances and leave our hair dry and dull. Continue reading

Keratin Hair Serum

Find the perfect pre-styling and post-styling serum infused with natural keratin for your smoothest, shiniest and healthiest hair.

Keratin is one of the top selling ingredients for summer. It is a must have for those of us that have frizzy, curly, damaged or unruly hair. The natural protien not only helps control frizz, but it also infuses your hair with strength, shine and maintains its overall health. This is why we are so excited about one of our newest products from CHI hair care.

CHI Keratin Silk Infusion Keratin & Silk Reconstructive Complex for damaged and dry hair is your go to pre-styling and post styling serum. Infused with natural keratin, this leave in treatment helps to protect your hair from heat styling and increases shine and smoothness. Yes, this little bottle basically does it all! Continue reading

The Best Mother’s Day Gift


Finding the best Mother’s Day Gift gift for the special mother in your life is a bit challenging. Whether it be your mother, grandmother, wife or friend, finding a gift that expresses your appreciation can be challenging. For this reason, Beautyvice has come up with a list of simple, yet fabulous beauty gifts. The gift of beauty and pampering is one that always pleases. Continue reading

How to use Davines Oi Oil Beautifying Potion

Learn the many ways you can use Davines Oi Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion to create and maintain healthy, beautiful and smooth hair.

Davines is one of the most popular hair care brands worldwide due to its simplistic and eco-friendly approach to hair. The Italian hair care line has created a luxury brand that promises to restore and preserve your hair’s health. Davines promotes the perfect fusion of nature and research. Utilizing natural ingredients such as roucou oil and tomato extracts to help create products that bring out the best of your hair. Continue reading

Theorie Saga Classic Flat Iron Review

A great flat iron can make a huge difference in how your hair looks. Unfortunately many flat irons fall flat! They either do not deliver the results they promise or damage your hair. Shopping for the right flat iron can be frustrating, as you simply do not know what you are getting. Continue reading

Best Product for Textured Hairstyles



Textured hairstyles are one of the hottest trends right now. It is all about creating electric and absolutely fun hairstyles that make your hair look fabulous all day. Texturizing products are the only way to achieve a really good textured hairstyle. One of our favorite products for this look is Kevin Murphy Night Rider Matte Texture Hair Paste Firm. Continue reading

How to Use a Curling Iron for Relaxed Curls


Nothing looks more beautiful than natural and loose curls. In fact, you simply cannot look through a magazine without seeing someone that has relaxed and beautiful curls. This bohemian and ultra feminine hairstyle is everywhere. Creating this look is quite easy with the right tools. In fact, once you know how to achieve this style, you may never run to the hairdresser again for curls. It all comes down to the right curling iron and the right styling products, simple as can be. Continue reading

How to use Davines Mat Pliable Stucco for Wizards

It is quite infuriating that every time we find a product we absolutely love, it becomes discontinued! This is exactly the case with Davines Mat Pliable Stucco for Wizards. When Davines first came to the forefront of hair care, their shampoos and conditioners were favorites, but the true stars of their line were the styling products that were branded as magic, to be used by wizards. Continue reading

Braided Hairstyles

Photo blog hair 2

One of the top trends in hair styling right now is the braid. The braid is simply a fun and ultra girly way to style your hair. Braided Hairstyles are the perfect option for when you are running around and you don’t want to have your hair in your face.

From the dual textured braid to the classic fishtail braid, all you really need to create the perfect braid is a great texture spray and a little imagination. Below are some simple and beautiful braided hairstyles to try out this summer. Continue reading

Davines Curl Serum for Beautiful Curls


As a curly girl, I know fist hand that it is not easy to achieve beautiful, defined and bouncy curls. Even naturally curly hair does not wake up looking or feeling perfect! This is why we curly haired girls (and boys of course) need the help of Davines Curl Serum! This amazing Davines curl serum does exactly what the names says it does, it builds up your curls so that they are full of bounce, definition, and shine. Continue reading

How to Dry Hair Without Damaging It


There’s a fine line between doing a good job of drying your hair versus damaging it due to excessive drying, and it’s hard to know sometimes exactly where the line has to be drawn. To be sure that you are effectively drying your hair without causing it to frizz or become brittle, it is strongly recommended that you incorporate into your hair care routine a restorative hair gel, hair cream, or hair mousse which strengthens, moisturizes, and lends manageability to your hair.

By taking this one extra step in your hair care program, you can be confident that instead of doing any kind of harm to your hair, you are actually making it healthier and enhancing its natural appeal. Some of the best products on the market for helping you to achieve drying-without-damaging are described below. Continue reading

How To Get Hair Volume Naturally In 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted very badly to add lustrous volume to your hair, but weren’t quite sure how to go about it? You don’t necessarily have to go to a Beauty Salon and pay for all kinds of expensive shampoos and treatments to achieve the kind of volume you’ve only dreamed of – you can do everything that’s necessary right in your own home.
Having the right knowledge and the right products to help you makes all the difference when you’re trying to add body to your lackluster hair, or to maintain hair that’s already very appealing. Here is a 3-step approach which works every time, and which is very easy for you to do, even when you don’t have a lot of time. Continue reading

How to Tame Frizzy Hair

Liquid Keratin-Infusing Healthy Hair Shampoo is one of the best approaches to handling dry hair or frizzy hair because it specifically helps the keratin component of your hair cells. Keratin is a fibrous protein which is responsible for protecting your hair cells from damage or stress, and it is the main structural component of your hair and your fingernails. A keratin hair treatment is a wonderful restorative process that can strengthen your hair and make it more resilient, to fight off the numerous bad effects of environmental stressors. Continue reading