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Your perfume is your personal signature. You might be looking to buy a favorite perfume, or hoping to desicover a new scent. Whatever the case, you’re sure to find the right fragrance in Beautyvice’s extensive selection of luxury brand fragrances from around the world. Choose from names like Armani, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Cartier and Carolina Herrera. We look for the most exclusive men’s, women’s and unisex fragrances to ensure that you find a scent that speaks to your mood and personality.

Best Gifts for Men

Sometimes it’s the men in our lives that are the most difficult to shop for. Let’s face it, most men do not leave hints as to their favorite cologne or skincare. However, they certainly do enjoy these little gifts that help to make them feel special.

For those wondering what to get that special man in their life, we have created a small list of five great gifts for men. These luxury skincare gifts will help make any man smile and feel a little pampered. If your special guy likes to indulge in a luxurious aftershave we have the perfect gift for him! Continue reading

Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts Under $10


As Father’s Day approaches, we should all take some time to find the best gifts for dad. Luckily, this is much easier than buying a gift for Mom, as we mother’s tend to be a little more complicated. Father’s are all about the quality of the gift, and for that reason we have come up with a list of top quality presents for dad that won’t break the bank. Simply look through our list of top selling fragrances and choose the one that best identifies with that special father in your life. Continue reading

Colognes for Men at Every Price


Finding the best cologne for men can at times be quite tedious. Men and women look for different qualities in the fragrances they use. Women like to choose fragrances that evoke emotion, add to their overall outfit or match their personality. Men on the other hand are more concerned with longevity of scent and price when shopping for a fragrance. To make shopping for the perfect colognes for men easier, we have compiled a list of the best fragrances at a variety of price points. There is something for every one on this list, and every scent will surely turn heads. Continue reading

The Miss Dior Fragrance

The Master French Designer Christian Dior once stated, “For a perfume to have lasting hold, it must first hold the heart of its creator.” The original Miss Dior was first released in 1947, just a single year after the fashion house of Dior was established, it was a fragrance that in fact hold the heart of its creator. Christian Dior was known to have poured a great deal of his own soul into the development of this fragrance, nurturing it slowly, and guiding it with a gentle hand to become the very essence of feminine allure. Continue reading

Top 10 Best Perfumes For Women For All Occasions

Sometimes choosing the right perfume for an occasion can take longer than any other element of preparation, and it can also be the most frustrating.
When you don’t have time to spare for considering the perfect fragrance, or you just can’t decide, it helps to have some other way to help you make the perfect selection. Here are 10 terrific perfumes suitable for all occasions, and you really can’t go wrong choosing any one of them. Continue reading

What’s Your Fragrance Personality?


Just as women have that one particular fragrance that perfectly complements their personality and their feelings on any given day, there are men’s colognes that seem to perfectly let the world know what he’s all about. While men tend to find a cologne they like and stick with it, women prefer to match the fragrance to the occasion. The trouble is, when you’re looking for a new fragrance, it can be a pretty daunting task. If you go to a department store or a boutique fragrance outlet, you’re likely to end up overwhelmed by trying numerous samples on your skin, and very quickly your ability to differentiate is diminished. Continue reading