Best Shampoo for Brunettes

Brunettes often struggle with finding the perfect shampoo. many of us are trying to keep our hair healthy, shiny and maintaining it from developing those nasty orange tones. For those trying to stay away from orange tones in their brunette hair, look no further. The perfect shampoo for brunettes trying to keep their hair orange free is Fanola No Orange Shampoo

Fanola No Orange Shampoo is a treatment shampoo created with rich indigo pigments. These blue pigments neutralize your hair and tone the orange from your hair. This works on both color treated hair and natural hair. Both color treated hair and natural hair tend to develop orang tones from exposure to sun. Fanola No Orange Shampoo neutralizes the orange tones and creates a beautiful golden, chestnut tone. This is the best shampoo for brunettes that have either lightened their hair, are trying to go lighter their hair or are have hair exposed to sunlight. Not only will this treatment shampoo save you a trip to the hairdresser, it will also keep your hair true to color to that you need less processing, which means less damage to your hair.

Simply look at the results below. The pictures show a natural brunette that uses Fanola No Orange Treatment Shampoo to help eliminate orange and brassy tons in her hair. The difference is amazing. In just 10 minutes, this best shampoo for brunettes eliminates orange and brassy tones and helps to create the perfect honey brown.

Before treatment hair is a dull brown.

Before treatment ends are orange from sun exposure.

Hair is left full of shine. Color looks rich. The results are always beautiful. Do keep in mind, that this is a treatment shampoo. Fanola No Orange Shampoo is not a daily use formula. Overuse will create blue tones. This shampoo is best used once a week or once every two weeks. Apply to wet hair and massage in. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse out.

After treatment hair is vibrant and shows a beautiful golden tone. No orange left.

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