Best Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Keeping your blonde hair true to color, full of shine and free of yellow and bronze tones can be challenging. Finding the best shampoo for blonde hair that offers all the above qualities is even more challenging. Most shampoos tend to make your hair color dull. Others have a tendency to either dry out your hair or simply strip your hair color. Luckily for all you blonde beauties, we have found the absolute best shampoo for blonde hair!

Yes believe it or not, we have found the perfect shampoo. It offers increased shine, color protection as well as color enhancement! This shampoo will not only maintain your hair color full of shine and free of yellow and orange tones, it will also make your color look better.

Fanola No Yellow Treatment Shampoo is hands down the best shampoo for blonde hair. Look at the below results! This is a great toning shampoo that helps to neutralize yellow tones. It also adds shine to your hair and keeps your color looking as if you just stepped out of the salon. As you can see from the images, the client below had slight yellow tones to her hair. We applied Fanola No yellow Treatment Shampoo to her hair for 10 minutes. We washed it out, conditioned her hair and dried. The results are amazing.

Fanola No yellow Treatment Shampoo is not a daily use shampoo. Created with very rich indigo pigments, this treatment shampoo tines your hair color. Creates high shine and helps to neutralize and discoloration from sun exposure, heat styling and environmental aggressors. The results are always beautiful! This is absolutely the best shampoo for blonde hair.

To use Fanola No Yellow Treatment Shampoo, simply massage into wet hair. leave on your hair from 5-10 minutes. Rinse out well and condition. Use once every two weeks. You can also take it with you to your hair colorist to use right after color application. Do not use daily! Overuse will result in purple hair. This easily washes out, but it is not recommended for daily use. Keep in mind this is a toning treatment shampoo. It is mean to tone your hair. It enhances color and offers high shine. Fanola No Yellow Treatment Shampoo is our pick for the best shampoo for blonde hair.

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