A Natural Blush

The two makeup staples I simply cannot do without are mascara and blush. These are must have items in my daily makeup routine. Mind you, I do not have a true “makeup routine” as in a whole routine of makeup added daily. I absolutely hate using foundation. It makes me hot and simply not necessary in my book. I also do not see a dire need to use concealer. I am a firm believer in the idea that if you keep your skin healthy and hydrate, concealer is simply not needed. My makeup routine consists of a couple simple things. I always use mascara primer, mascara, blush, brow gel and lip color. I like to keep it simple.

Multitasking makeup is my all time favorite. I love when you can pick up one product and basically do your entire face with it. For this reason, blush is a true addiction of mine. i especially like cream blushes. I love to use my fingers when applying my makeup. I have as of lately discovered the beauty of using lipstick as blush! This is a great idea as you can keep the color palette consistent. My color of choice is always a bright pink. Looks ultra healthy on lips and cheeks. It is easy to blend and even easier to carry one item for retouching throughout the day.

When applying your lipstick as blush you can either apply directly to your cheeks and blend out. or you can also apply to your fingers tips and dab gently to desired tone. Either way, you will certainly be surprised at how pretty the color ill look. This of course works best with either cream or matte formulas. You ca also go over the blush with a hint of powder color to add intensity and longer lasting color.

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