Olaplex No 3 Hair Treatment

As an avid healthy hair girl, I am always looking for a great way to keep my hair healthy. Sometimes it is a hard task since I am constantly changing the color, adding extensions and heat styling my hair. Given the daily challenges my hair goes through, it is surprising that it is strong to any degree. I am very fortunate to have very resilient hair. What does this mean? It basically means my hair takes a lot of damage and surprisingly doesn’t end up a hot mess.

I am an avid hair treatment connoisseur. I simply love the idea of dousing my hair in a thick conditioner and hoping for a transformation. Most treatments work great for helping to nourish your hair with moisture. Having dry hair is tough, especially when you live in a humid climate as I do. I love adding extra moisture to my hair.

My latest obsession is Olaplex. I first came to know the through Instagram. I was absolutely fascinated with the images of people going from dark black hair to platinum. Their hair also looked so healthy and shiny. It left me a bit obsessed with going lighter and seeing just how good this product was.

Olaplex No 3 can be used as an at hoe hair treatment. It is a moisture rich conditioning treatment that helps to strengthen, protect and enhance shine. Olaplex No 3 can be used by all hair types. For those who color or bleach their hair this treatment is a must. It helps to transform your hair and allows you to be more playful without having to worry about severe damage.

Olaplex No 3 has left my hair ultra soft, smooth and full of shine. It has helped to deduce the damage of biolage hair color. Most importantly, it is affordable! This is not a hair treatment that is going to make you feel guilty due to the price tag. It is word every penny! To apply the treatment, simply start by shampooing your hair. You can use this treatment along with your favorite color protecting, sulphate free shampoo. Once you have shampooed your hair towel dry it. Apply the treatment from roots to ends. To allow the treatment to absorb into your hair most effectively, apply to damp hair. Hair that is soaking wet won’t absorb the treatment as the water repels the conditioner from your hair. Leave the treatment 15 minutes, or even better overnight! Wash out and style as usual. Use the treatment once a week and you will see your hair change and become stronger with each use.

Kim Kardashian Healthy Hair Regimen

Wether you want to admit it or not, Kim Kardashian is one of today’s most influential hair muses. You may love her, hate her or simply care less about her. However, you cannot deny that her constant hair transformations are spectacular. Her healthy and incredibly glossy hair is mesmerizing. She obviously has an entire crew of hair gurus that make sure her hair always looks great. However, for someone that goes from black to platinum with such frequency it is commendable that her natural hair is healthy at all. Continue reading

The Perfect Dewy Blush

Nothing says healthy more than a natural dewy glow. One of the biggest trends right now is a natural dewy flush. It is not only a sign of youth, but helps to brighten your entire face. You can easily create this effect with your favorite blush. This look can be achieved with both a cream or powder bush. All you need is a little vaseline and your favorite blush. Continue reading

Best Gifts for Men

Sometimes it’s the men in our lives that are the most difficult to shop for. Let’s face it, most men do not leave hints as to their favorite cologne or skincare. However, they certainly do enjoy these little gifts that help to make them feel special.

For those wondering what to get that special man in their life, we have created a small list of five great gifts for men. These luxury skincare gifts will help make any man smile and feel a little pampered. If your special guy likes to indulge in a luxurious aftershave we have the perfect gift for him! Continue reading

5 Perfect Gifts for Makeup Lovers

With the holiday rush many of us are going a bit crazy trying to find the perfect gifts for those special people in our lives. One of our favorite gifts to give, is of course the gift of beauty. We all know that a makeup lover that is always excited to receive something social from the cosmetics counter. For those of us who love makeup as well, we know the perfect gift is all about feeling a little more beautiful.

Makeup shopping is always fun, getting hassled at the makeup counter not so much fun!For those looking to find a great gifts without the high prices or the the hassle, we have created a list of our top 5 makeup must haves for these holidays. Continue reading

Mini Flatiron for On the Go Hair

Traveling can at times be a bit stressful, especially when it comes to our hair. Not having our daily must have products and tools means not looking our best. Being able to take our “must have” tools and products on the go is essential. These days everything comes in a travel size. From your favorite shampoo to your must have styling tools.

Our latest on the go hair tool is the Artero Minimyst Professional Ionic Mini Touchup Flat Iron. This little iron packs a whole lot of heat in a mini package. The travel sized styling tool allows you to smooth, touch up and even curl your hair on the go. Best of all, it is the perfect size to store in your carry on! Continue reading

Hair Loss and Sleep


Ever question why your hair starts too look not its best when you have lost a few nights sleep? It should not come as a surprise, that sleep deprivation has the same effects on hair as it has on skin. Lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns can cause thinning hair, dull hair and overall hair loss.

Is lack of sleep the direct cause of hair loss? No. What causes our hair loss is the stress our bodies go through when we do not receive enough rest. When our body does not receive an adequate amount of sleep, our immune system begins to decline. We also experience hormonal imbalances that can result in thinning hair and overall hair loss. Continue reading

How to Apply Your Skin Moisturizer

Skin moisturizer is one of the top selling skin care products in the health and beauty market. Let’s face it; we all want soft, radiant and youthful skin. What is the best way to maintain your skin young and soft? The answer is quite simple. To keep your skin soft, glowing and beautiful all you need to do is keep it hydrated! Yes, the right skin moisturizer can transform skin.

Not all skin moisturizers are created the same. Some are too heavy and clog your pores. Others cause skin irritations. Some moisturizers are full of fragrances that dry out our skin. It is very important to remember that the skin on our bodies is just as sensitive as the skin on our face. Always look for skincare that is made for sensitive skin. These products are made with more natural ingredients. They also contain less chemicals and fragrances. Your skin moisturizer should treat your skin with the utmost care. Continue reading

Silicone Free Hair Products

Our hair goes through a lot on a daily basis. Between heat styling, environmental aggressors and chemical processing we put our hair through an enormous amount of stress. While we do understand that we cannot do without certain things, such as hair color and styling; we do know that there are certain steps we can take to help heal keep damage to a minimum. lately the buzz has been all about sulfates and paragons. We understand that sulfates and parabens can cause dryness, strip our hair color and damage its texture. However, there is a new culprit to focus on…silicone. Continue reading

Best Face Moisturizer for Youthful Skin

We are always on the look out for a new and amazing face moisturizer. If there is one thing we certainly cannot do without, it is a great moisturizer. The right moisturizer makes a huge difference to your skin! Moisture is a must for healthly skin. When you skin lacks the right moisture it can become dull, rough and uneven. Lack of moisture accelerates aging, for that reason having a great moisturizer is always key to staying youthful. Continue reading

How to Make Your Eye Makeup Pop

Achieving the perfect eye makeup is very easy, especially when you have the right tools. Those that know about eye makeup understand the importance of two main components, mascara, and a great eyeliner. Mascara is a must-have for the simple reason that it elongates your lashes and truly opens up your eyes. Eyeliner can also accentuate your eyes, making them look brighter and larger. Yes, the right eye makeup can truly make a huge difference in your overall makeup look. Continue reading

How to use Dry Conditioner

Dry conditioner is one of the newest trends in the hair industry. For those that are not familiar with the product, here is a little information about what it can do for your hair. Dry Conditioner is similar to dry shampoo. It helps to eliminate excess oils in your scalp and hair. It also helps to refresh your hair between washes. The main difference between the two products is that a dry conditioner will help soften and moisturize your hair as well as clean it. Continue reading

Natural Hair Products for Healthy Hair

For those who are always on the lookout for natural options to their hair care routine, we have the perfect brand for you. Amika Hair Care is one of the top selling natural hair care brands in the US. For those not familiar with Amika, it is cutting edge hair care line from New York City. if you live in New York, you will certainly recognize the brand.

Amika Hydrate Conditioner Sea Buckthorn Berry All Hair Types 10.1 oz.

Known for its artistic labels and “out of the box” perspective to hair care, Amika offers not only excellent hair care products and tools but amazing prices as well. Continue reading

Shampoo and Conditioner made for Travel

Your trusty shampoo and conditioner are two things that you certainly cannot do without. Traveling without our favorite haircare items can cause absolute havok on our hair. Most of the time, hotels offer shampoo and conditioner sets that are full of fragrances and leave our hair dry and dull. Continue reading