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Vichy Laboratories

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About Vichy Laboratories

Vichy Laboratories is a French skin care company, which has designed and patented a thermal water formula that is used to enrich their entire line of skin care products. Vichy skin care is created with over 80 years of research behind it. Their accumulated years of research, combined with consumer interaction has led the brand to the conclusion that truly beautiful and youthful skin is skin that is healthy.

Vichy is founded and led by Dr. Haller an established dermatologist who has created a network of scientists to help create gentle skin care that benefits your skin’s natural growth. The vision behind the Vichy brand is to create skin care that addresses the skin care needs of a variety of people, with one basic ingredient in common; Vichy Thermal Water. This patented thermal water has been proven to be a natural and proactive nourishment for all skin types. It is the basis for all their research and the starting point of each and every one of their skin care products. Even the simplest of products such as their lip balms, are created with great virtue of scientific research and your skin’s natural health.

Vichy believes the skin is one of our most important organs and therefore should be treated the utmost care. Science is at the basis of their research, the synthesis of hormones, genetics, diet and lifestyle to create a better understanding of your skin’s needs and the best skin care available to you.