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About Tigi

TIGI is the brand distributor for Bed Head hair care products worldwide. The founders of this popular and trendy brand are none other than the iconic Toni & Guy. Master hair stylists, Toni & Guy have set out to create hair care products that are fun, easy to use and professional grade. These two educators, professional stylists and hair care specialists; wanted to create products that would allow them and their clientele to create beautiful and edgy styles that could walk down any runway. They set out to create hair care that made contemporary style easy and beautiful.

This brand is the perfect mix of rock and roll and quality. It is a synthesis of new and old coming together to create an iconic line that is distributed throughout the world. Their first groundbreaking product was, Bedhead Wax Stick. This mega hold and texture enhancing wax brought a new meaning to ‘just got out of bed’ hair. They created the “sexy” bed head style. A style that was grunge mixed with glamour for an unconventional style never seen in any salon.

The Bed Head collection is designed for the bold and young at heart that really want to make a statement with their hair and overall style.