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Therapy G

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About Therapy G

Therapy-G is a brand that specializes in hair loss treatment. The brand’s mission is to create hair care that prevents hair loss and thinning, maintains healthy hair and soothes your scalp. The treatment of fine and thinning hair is a huge industry, it is one that continues to grow one year to the next. Therapy-G is one of the first brands to create a hair care line whose sole purpose was to treat thinning and fine hair.

Their hair products and treatments help to enable the hair follicle to grow stronger, with enhanced volume, moisturize, and density. Their products start their treatment at the roots of your hair. They refresh and invigorate the scalp, enhance your hair growth and protect the hair you have.

Therapy-G is hair care for healthy hair; it is hair care that offers your hair the therapy it needs for regrowth.