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Ted Lapidus

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About Ted Lapidus

Ted Lapidus was a Parisian designer who offered unique style for clothing created with the idea that fashion should be comfortable and useful. Lapidus is credited for bringing the Safari and Military trends to the fashion forefront. A trendsetting brand, Lapidus ventured into formulating the perfect colognes. The brand wanted to create a fragrance for men that was unique, light and detailed by energetic notes. The brand believed most brands focused on every minute detail of their women’s fragrances while leaving their men’s fragrances very simplistic.

Lapidus found huge success in their fragrance line for men. It was welcomed with great enthusiasm and quickly became the favorite of celebrities all over the world.

Today the brand continues to grow and create new styles and fragrances for both men and women. Their claim to creating goods that are useful and simple remains their greatest attribute, as they continue to create for the everyday woman and man. The Lapidus style makes fashion and elegance available to everyone.