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Shu Uemura

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About Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura the brand was started by Japanese make-up artist and founder Shu Uemura. Uemura began the brand with the creation of his innovative makeup line. His vision was to create makeup that was inspired by art. This artistic quest for a more creative and cutting edge line of makeup was a grand success. Shu Uemura the brand became a huge success throughout the world, and soon was seen on models everywhere from top magazine covers to couture runways.

On his quest for creating the art of what is beautiful, Uemura ventured into hair care. His ultimate goal being to have a line of hair care products that would do for hair what his makeup did for beauty. Uemura set out once again to change the way hair care as created and thought of.

The brand created what is today known as “ The Art of Hair Care”, hair care products that create beautiful, bright and healthy hair through the perfect synthesis of nature, science and application.

Already having created the brand for his well known and world wide used makeup line, he ventured into hair care. Uemura saw a void in couture hair care that bright color and life into their products. He created a kind of hair care that

Shu Uemura launched his first hair care product in 1960, The Cleansing Oil helped to nourish acting as a deep conditioner leaving hair ultimately healthy and full of shine. The product was an instant success, soon after followed by an entire of hair care and styling products created to enhance, restore and create beautiful and artistic hair that represented the brand's ideologies.