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Sexy Hair

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About Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair was created Michael O’Rourke, with the vision of making every woman feel “sexy”. The brand created hair care for women who wanted big volume, bouncy curls and brilliant waves. It was all about your hair’s movement texture and allure. The brand boasted enhanced style that was easily achieved with their product line.

The brand was all about glamour, sex-appeal and style. They even took on beauty-icon Marilyn Monroe as their “Sexy Hair” inspiration. This was a novel approach to hair care and it was a huge success. They created innovating products ranging from root lifting mousse to dry shampoo, all created to help do one thing; give you big and bold style and absolutely alluring hair.

Sexy Hair currently has a wide selection of products ranging from shampoos to styling aids. They offer all you need to create beautiful style in the ease of your home. The image of the brand maintains “sex-appeal” and big hair. Their products work and do so with ease. Be sexy and show off your hair with, Sexy Hair.