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About Sebastian

Sebastian the brand was founded in the early 70’s by Geri Cusenza and John Sebastian. These visionary hairstylists wanted to create a new movement in the world of hair. The 70’s were largely identified by bohemian hairstyles and this amazing duo wanted to shake things up. Known for having invented the first crimping iron, the duo quickly became favorites of celebrities such as including Barbara Streisand. Their overall vision was to create a brand that not only made hairstyling creative, but also promoted healthy hair. Sebastian formulated the 2 + 1 formula for healthy hair. This formula consisted of 2 parts moisture and 1 part protein. This was the perfect combination of nutrition and strength to create healthy and beautiful hair. This formulation put the brand on the map as a top selling and sought after hair care brand.

Sebastian is also the first brand to create instructional videos for stylist education. With their presentation of educational videos, they also presented the idea of bigger, harder and higher hair. The idea was the bigger the better! Sebastian continued creating top selling styling products that created hairstyles that set trends and new standards. Sebastian is a brand known for “outside of the box” styling. It is a trendsetting brand for those that want to reach the potential of their style and hair health.