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About Sachajuan

Sachajuan is a Swedish born brand of hair care created by Master Stylists Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. Mitic and Rosenlind started the line with the vision of creating a Hair care line that is infused by nature and helps to build and maintain healthy and beautiful hair. The brand strives to make hair care simple, utilizing simple ingredients and creating a line that is easy to understand and easy to customize to your individual needs.

In their search for the perfect ingredients to create beautiful and healthy hair, they discovered ocean silk technology, the fusion of sea algae into their hair care in order to create products that truly deliver health, resilience and shine.

All Sachajuan hair care products are created to do three things for your hair: boost shine, create smoothness and restore your hair’s health. The brand is dedicated to creating products that leave your hair full of volume, movement and easy to manage. Their line is simple fro the packaging to the ingredients, in order to maintain your hair’s health simple. From maintaining shine to your hair color, to restoring your hair’s smoothness; there is simply nothing that this brand cannot do!

Look to the sea for beautiful hair, Sachajuan hair care infused with ocean technology.