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About Rusk

Rusk is a hip hair care line that pushes the limits of style. Rusk was originally created for professionals to use at fashion shows throughout the world. It is a line that brings you the essentials of healthy and beautiful hair along with contemporary style. Teams of professional RUSK stylists, led by Artistic Director Gerard Caruso, strive to create Rusk high-performance products that deliver maximum results. Rusk makes it possible to achieve salon style hair at home without the fuss or the high cost.

Rusk products are formulated with ingredients that work with your hair to boost it’s natural health, shine and manageability. Rusk scientists and stylists understand that the one thing we all want from our hair is improved manageability, enhanced shine and health. Rusk hair care meets these needs of a wide range of hair products that help create beautiful hair and sensational hairstyles.

The brand combines the perfect mix of culture and style, creating products that help you construct contemporary styles that are inspired by high fashion and classic trends. From the simplest hair gel to the more advanced treatment, Rusk puts pride and quality into every detail and every ingredient. Rusk Professional Stylists understand that style is an ever-evolving concept that depends on current trends throughout the world. For this reason Rusk Stylists travel the globe to discover the latest trends and find elite ingredients to enhance your hair and create the best hair care line for your everyday hair needs.