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Roger Gallet

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About Roger Gallet

Roger & Gallet was founded in 1862 by Charles Armand Roger and Charles Martial Gallet, opening its doors as a premiere French perfume house. They quickly became known for their light and unique fragrances and oils.

Today Roger & Gallet is known throughout the world for their luxury soaps. They have created a line of bath and body products that wrap the individual in absolute luxury and unique scents from all over the world. Utilizing ingredients from China, Africa, Italy and many more exotic locations; their products bring a synthesis of scents that create an absolute escape.

Roger & Gallet is a brand shaped by quality and a definite appreciation for nature’s aromas. Their fragrances, soaps, bath gels and lotions are all formulated with care and specific attention to the details of each ingredient. These are products created with nourishing qualities that are safe enough o be used by those with the most sensitive skin types.

Roger & Gallet Laboratories use their aromachology expertise to create products that become part of your daily life. They refresh you, invigorate you, relax you and identify you.