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About Roc

RoC was founded in 1957 by Dr. Jean-Charles Lissarrague a French pharmacist. Dr. Lissarrague realized there was a need for anti-aging skin care at the time, and set out to formulate his own line of skin care targeted at boosting a woman’s natural youth. The brand Roc was born t=in that very pharmacy where Dr, Lissarrague worked every day, it takes its name from the pharmacy and is still today sold at that very location.

ROC was the first ever brand of skincare to create products that were both hypoallergenic and the first brand to formulate a day cream with built in SPF protection. These two innovations alone put ROC on the map for being a leading skin care line. They have since created everything from day creams and night creams to deodorant. All products enhanced with gentle ingredients and all hypoallergenic.

Enriched with ingredients such a retinol, ROC skin care helps to create beautiful, healthy and youthful skin. The brand's promise to keep their products affordable and attainable has created a cult following of women that understand that you do not have to go to a department store to get great skin care, it can be purchased at your local pharmacy.