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About Redken

The Redken brand was founded by Paula Kent in 1960, with the vision of changing the way we looked at hair care. Redken set out to create a hair care line that offered you key ingredients for increased manageability and healthy hair. Their products were enriched with the perfect mix of moisture and proteins, paying close attention to the balance your hair requires to maintain its health and strength.

Redken also ventured into the hair color industry by creating top of the line high shine and high pigment colors that were bold and beautiful. The brand became a leading educational outlet for stylists throughout the world who traveled to the Redken headquarters, in order to learn all there was about color application, style and hair care.

The brand is identified in the beauty industry for being the “go to” experts for couture style. Their products customized to give beautiful style and texture. It has become a favorite backstage hair care line for fashion week. 

Today, Redken remains a leader in backstage beauty and home beauty. Redken offers you beautiful hair that looks professional always.