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About Philosophy

Philosophy was founded in 1996 by a skin care visionary who wanted to create every day skin care that worked as effectively as dermatologist grade skin care.

Philosophy skin care is created through dermatological science and research. This brand has long searched to bridge the gap between the dermatologist’s office and the skin care products sold over the counter. The idea that everyone may have the opportunity to attain top quality skin care drove the brand forward and made it successful.

Later the same year as it was founded, Oprah Winfrey featured one of her personal favorite and what she referred to as “the best facial moisturizer”, Hope in a Jar. The attention and media catapulted the brand. Their sales for Hope in a Jar skyrocketed and they were soon found in every leading retailer.

Today the brand has expanded their products to include the most delicious bath and shower gels, named after the foods they smell exactly like, products like peppermint stick and gingerbread that help you escape into a enjoyable bathing experience. They have also continued to expand their skincare and fragrance lines, naming each product for what they offer you.

Philosophy started with a lot of hope, hope that eventually ended up in many little jars available for everyone to purchase. There is hope for beautiful and healthy skin with Philosophy.