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Parfums Jaques Bogart

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About Parfums Jaques Bogart

Jacques Bogart is a luxury brand of fragrances and cosmetics originated in France. The brand was created with the standards that luxury items should be made with the utmost attention placed on quality. For this reason all Jacques Bogart fragrances and cosmetics are formulated with unique ingredients that are found throughout the world. Many of these ingredients come from far off destinations, where the Jacques Bogart laboratories find the most alluring and beneficial ingredients within nature.

Jacques Bogart is a brand for the individual that enjoys excellence and style. It is a brand that respects classic taste and tradition. Their long lasting reputation as a chic, French line is maintained with the strict detail to quality that is placed through their presentation.

Jacques Bogart is a brand for the true fashionista that wants to embrace unique style and natural beauty. The brand formulates some of the best selling fragrances for women and men enriched with fragrance oils that enhance their longevity and allure. These are fragrances for those that like to be noticed and remembered long after they leave the room.