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About Ouidad

Ouidad known as the “Queen of the Curl” is the creator and mastermind behind the world-renowned Ouidad Hair Care Line. A stylist's, and naturally curly girl; she struggled to find hair care products that nourished, enhanced and made her curly and rebellious hair more manageable. Noticing their was a huge need for hair care aimed at meeting the needs of curly hair, she took it upon herself to create a hair care line for “Curly Girls”.

Ouidad Hair Care is a brand that is created with one idea, to enhance your natural curls. It is not about hiding your curls, flattening them out or taming them. Ouidad wants you to flaunt beautiful curly hair styles.

Ouidad has quickly become the favorite brand of curly girls throughout the world. The lines consists of a variety of products ranging from shampoos, treatments, styling aids to children’s hair care. There is a product for everyone that desires to flaunt his or her curls and be a Ouidad girl or boy!

Giving back to the community is a very important part of the Ouidad brand. For this reason Ouidad started the “Curls for a Cure” foundation. Being a breast cancer survivor herself, she understands the importance of education and proactivity. “Curls for a Cure” matches all donations made to the foundation, as well as donating a portion of all Ouidad Hair Care sales.

Ouidad is a brand with a heart, a soul and absolutely “Curly Hair”!