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About Nuxe

Nuxe Skincare is a natural Parisian brand created with the philosophy that inner beauty comes from a connection with nature. Nuxe CEO and Founder Aliza Jabes maintains the brand true to its philosophy, inner beauty shines through when you connect to nature and nurture your skin with natural and soothing ingredients. NXE skincare is created with the very best ingredients from nature. There are no hard chemicals, fragrances or dyes used. All products are made in a cruelty free environment where there is respect for both the process of creating the product, the idea of preservation and the customers that will use the products. NUXE skincare products are known for the use of powerful plant extracts that help to nourish, protect and enhance your skin. Passionflower promotes luminosity and youth; Daylily promotes firmer skin and overall radiance, Orange Blossom soothes your skin, and natural honey to provide youth and luminosity. Created in France, NUXE skincare provides the very best ingredients for your most beautiful skin.