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About Neutrogena

Neutrogena owned by Jonson & Jonhsons, is one of the top selling skincare brands throughout the world. Neutrogena Laboratories creates dermatologistrecommended and tested products that help to protect, enhance and nourish healthy skin. The brand strives to create products that enhance your natural skin with the most nourishing and protective ingredients on the market. Some of their top selling products include cleansers to achieve clear skin and diminish acne, moisturizers for dry skin and bath gels for sensitive skin. All Neutrogena products are created with the utmost attention to their quality and your skin’s integrity. Weather you are searching for a makeup remover for sensitive skin, a daily cleanser, acne wash or top of the line anti aging products; Neutrogena offers the perfect product for you and your skin type. Neutrogena the brand is one that is recognized for its quality and affordability. Products are sold n drugstores throughout the world, making it a product that is both globally recognized and used.