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Narciso Rodriguez

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About Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is an American brand that has created a renowned brand from the ideals of simplistic beauty. Narciso Rodriguez the designer sought to create a brand that was contemporary, sleek and simple; beautiful in an unassuming manner for the woman that wants to be noticed for her own beauty and personality, not those of her clothes or fragrance. The brand is one of the top selling fashion and fragrance lines throughout the world. Created with clean lines, delicate colors and high quality craftsmanship for the woman that enjoys true luxury that is absolutely wearable and comfortable. Narciso Rodriguez fragrances have become top sellers since the release of their signature scent, Narciso Perfume. A Narciso Rodriguez perfume is one that is always beautiful, always delicate and forever timeless. Accented with the perfect combination of floral notes and airy accents, their scents are always the perfect accent to any outfit. Fall in love with simplistic beauty. Be a woman that is seen for who she is and her inner beauty. Become a Narciso woman, beautiful, unassuming and always in vogue.