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About Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil was founded by Carmen Tal who after having experienced a hair color disaster during her travels, found refuge in a Moroccanoil Treatment. Seeing her hair go from really “wrong” to absolutely “right” made her a believer in the strength and transformative powers of Argan Oil.

Tal found a niche in creating hair products that helped to nourish and repair hair that was damaged and severely dry. Moroccanoil the brand quickly became a favorite of people worldwide, who found it almost impossible to believe how healthy and brilliant their hair become from using this miracle oil.

Created with Argan Oil, Moroccanoil helps to seal the hair cuticle, protect it from heat and environmental aggressors, create more manageable hair and increase shine. It is an all in one oil that truly does it all and creates beautiful and healthy hair.

Moroccanoil now manufactures a variety of products ranging from haircare to skin care. Their products, all enhanced with Argan Oil, are created to help heal and maintain your hair. Moroccanoil the brand is a brand that has stood the test of time, and remains the top selling restorative and replenishing hair care line in the world.