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About Matrix

Matrix a subdivision of the L’Oreal, was founded in 1980 by American husband and wife hairdressing team, Arnie and Sydell Miller. Before they founded Matrix, the Millers had over 20 years of experience under their wing.

The brand began for professional use only, creating quality hair care and styling products for a variety of hair types. Their hair care line was extensive and focused on formulating products that created beautiful hair. The husband and wife team educated others with their expert healthy hair tips, for flawless and strong hair.

From a professional care line, the next natural move was to venture into the home care industry. The brand created an even lengthier line of hair products for all hair types. Products that offer you ease of style and manageability at home.

The brand has become a household name. It is identified with beauty and quality, without the high price tag. The brand currently includes a wide range of haircare, hair color and texturizing products including: Biolage, Oil Wonders, Total Results, COLORINSIDER, SOCOLOR, Color Sync, Gloss Sync, Logics, LightMaster, V-Light, Vavoom, COLORGRAPHICS, Opti.Collection, Opti.Effects, Opti.Smooth and Style Wave.