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About MAC

MAC Cosmetics is a top of the line cosmetics line from Ontario, Canada. MAC stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics, as it was initially created for makeup artists to use. MAC has quickly become a favorite cosmetics line for all ages. Their blushes and lip colors a cult favorite of those that love vivid color and texture. MAC is currently owned by Estee Lauder.

MAC Cosmetics is known for their collaboration with designers and celebrities, constantly staying on top of their game and bring cutting edge style through their make up. MAC strives to provide their customers the best in texture, ingredients and color inspirations. Their style is youthful, vibrant and attention getting.

Created and founded by professional makeup artists, MAC Cosmetics continues to bring a variety of makeup, skincare and makeup tools that make looking beautiful and creating art easy for anyone. MAC is the founder of the VIVA Glam and MAC Aids Fund, creating awareness and contributing sales to AIDS research. With a deep-rooted responsibility to our community and Earth, MAC as a company strives to help create products that give back to our culture.

MAC is sold and distributed worldwide, creating cosmetics that become loved accessories, skincare that maintain your skin healthy and makeup tools that make looking beautiful easy; all at affordable prices. MAC strives for what they have coined as “easy chic”, products that are user friendly, look stylish yet do not come with a high retail price. MAC is for everyone, the young, the old, the stylish, the traditionalist; everyone that can appreciate beauty made simple.