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About Loewe

Loewe is a Spanish luxury brand that is dedicated to producing leather goods created with expert craftsmanship. Under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson Loewe the brand continues to grow, as a worldwide luxury retailer for all that is luxurious.

Aside from their exquisitely created handbags, shoes and accessories; Loewe is also credited for formulating some of the most romantic and alluring fragrances on the market. Their fragrance laboratories spend extensive time mixing and formulating the perfect synthesis of ingredients to create fragrances that exemplify the same richness and detail which their leather goods have become popular for.

They create women’s fragrances that are identified as beautiful, sensual and absolutely stylish. Each fragrance unique and individualized with detail to every single aspect, even the flawless packaging. Loewe fragrances specialized in the mastery of their best selling fragrances within their product lines, the cologne for men and the solid perfume, two simple yet symbolic products for this company. They create colognes that symbolize strength and allure. They are both powerful and light. There is no better cologne on the market.

Loewe is a brand of tradition, exceptional style and dedicated craftsmanship.