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About Loccitane

L'Occitane is the creation of Olivier Baussan, a true Frenchman, born and raised throughout the beauty and nature of Provence. Baussan was a true admirer of nature and dreamed of creating products that utilized the enriching qualities of plants. L’Occitane was born through the distilling, harvesting and innovating of plants, flowers and herbs found in Provence. It is a brand created with the ideal that beauty and luxury should come from nature.

One of the brand's first creations was a simple olive oil soap, created from essential oils from the olive tree. It was simple, but luxurious and absolutely nourishing. L'Occitane has become the world's most well identified bath and body brand. It is recognized by its rustic packaging, fragrant scents and natural inspiration. Key ingredients that have become staples for the brand include lavender, immortelle, and shea.

The brand is dedicated to creating quality luxury products for skin and hair, which are gentle and protective. L’Occitane is a leader of the bath and body industry, with years of knowledge and experience with distilling natural oils and creating beauty from nature.