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About Lanvin

Lanvin is an iconic brand that began with a mother’s desire to dress her daughters with elegance and grace. Jeanne Lanvin payed close attention to detail, she felt many of the clothes available to her daughters at the time failed to pay tribute to a girl’s true beauty; she therefore began making dresses for her daughters. These hand-made, one f a kind dresses quickly caught the attention of those around her. Soon enough, she was designing for other families, and Lanvin the brand was started, in a small room of a quaint house, where a mother and her daughters designed for beauty and majesty.

Today Lanvin is an international brand that is recognized for its clean lines and detail oriented goods. The House of Lanvin creates fashion, shoes, handbags and fragrances that are detailed with exceptional style and sophistication. Lanvin is currently the oldest operating fashion house in France. It is a brand that has withstood the test of time and trend.

The Lanvin brand promises top quality products, from their couture dresses to their alluring and rich fragrances; all they create is made with special attention to detail and quality.

Lanvin Fragrances are created with special attention to extravagance. Ingredients used are chosen for their alluring and exotic nature. Each fragrance is an exceptional and intoxicating scent that captures the attention of everyone in the room. Lanvin has been noted for making some of the best perfumes for women. Fragrances that are worn by royalty and the elite. Just as a Lanvin dress turns heads for its style and elegance, a Lanvin Fragrance turns heads for its magnificence.

Lanvin means quality, style and most of all tradition. A tradition built on family values and assuring that all products created are done so with respect to detail and quality.