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About Lakme

Lakme hair care is created under the inspiration that your hair is essential to who you are. Hair is not just something you throw into a ponytail, comb back or put under a hat! Lakme believes hair is a strong and definitive part of who you are as an individual. Lakme laboratories are found in Spain, where Lakme scientists find inspiration throughout the Mediterranean and find ingredients that are natural and provide optimum health for your hair.

Lakme laboratories use a mixture of natural ingredients such as sunflower extracts, glacier water,  jojoba oil and honey to create products that work on your hair on a cellular level. The brand's dedication to healthy hair is what sets them apart from other hair care brands. They don’t believe you should have to pay for hair extensions to have luxurious hair; you should be able to achieve it naturally.

Lakme understands that unless you hair is healthy, nothing will make it look beautiful. For this reason they place essential attention on creating natural foundation products such as shampoos, conditioners and treatments that restore and maintain the health of your hair.

Lakme the brand is innovative, groundbreaking and most of all dedicated to offering you the best there is in hair care so that you can show the world your best hair.