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About Kundalini

XOXO is a contemporary brand that manufactures ready to wear fashion and fragrances for women. One of their most popular perfumes to date remains the ever sought after Kundalini Perfume. A perfume that has exotic notes and sensual allure. The Kundalini fragrance has been awarded best of by Allure for its unique scent and long lasting nature. The brand has long strived to create fashion and fragrances for the every day woman. The woman that is busy with work, children and trying to be an active part of her world. XOXO maintains its contemporary style and image with spokes women such a Chrissy Teigen, who epitomize the woman of today, always on the go and always striving to look beautiful throughout her hectic day. This is a brand that is recognized throughout the world and maintains its quality of goods with affordable pricing. XOXO the brand focuses on maintaining their fashion and fragrances accessible to the every day woman and in order to do that they assure that their price point is always affordable. XOXO offers you quality fashion and fragrances for the best prices so that you can always be in fashion without having to spend a fortune.