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About Klorane

Klorane products are created with the ideal of plants and nature in mind. Started in 1965, Klorane Laboratories works to infuse natural ingredients to create the best and healthiest hair care on the market. Klorane scientists work together to find flowers, plant extracts and minerals in nature that helps create healthy and beautiful hair, without the need for hard fragrances, or ingredients that can cause irritation.

Klorane Laboratories creates natural hair care that respect the integrity of our Earth. All products are plant based and researched to find their healing properties. All ingredients are collected throughout the world, grown by selected farmers that understand that I order to create healthy and natural products, the growing process also has to take natures integrity to mind. All plants are grown without the use of harsh chemicals, to assure that everything that goes into their hair care products is safe and will not cause irritation.

Klorane hair care products are paraben free, chemical free and fragrance free. Any fragrance comes from the plants and fruits used. As part of their promise to maintain the integrity of our earth Klorane Laboratories has created The Klorane Foundation for the Protection of Plant Species and Biodiversity.  Since 1994, Klorane scientists have been working to identify plant species that need protection and create environments to help these species further thrive. It is their way of helping make the Earth beautiful.

All Klorane products are known for their gentle nature. They are safe to be used even by those with sensitive skin. Klorane products are safe for color treated hair, chemically treated hair and even your child’s hair. Klorane is a standard for safety, beauty and healthy hair. They believe having beautiful hair can happen with the correct synthesis of nature. Be natural, be beautiful, be a Klorane hair care user.