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About Kiehls

Kiehl’s the brand began in a small apothecary in New York’s East Village back in 1800’s. Known as Kiehl’s Pharmacy, the quaint and family run business served locals and specialized in homemade skin care for both men and women. It was the perfect touch for those who wanted quality skincare products with the same individualistic attention you receive when visiting a pharmacy in Europe. John Kiehl, the founder of the brand strived to create products that truly solved skin problems and helped people bring a little luxury into their homes at an affordable price. Identified as one of the first companies to tailor skincare products to men, the small shop quickly became a favorite of New Yorker’s as well as others that traveled to New York to purchase their products.

What began as a small family business soon became a top selling brand throughout the states; only to further become known throughout the world. Their most notable products include their Calendula Toner, one of the first toners made without the use of alcohol; their men’s shaving line known for its gentle ingredients and their top selling Crème De Corps named one of the best selling body lotions throughout the world. Kiehl’s is a brand identified for its amazing variety of products and their precise attention to ingredients. Their products are packaged with the old style apothecary vision and crafted with that same idea. It’s skincare for the whole family, yes even the pets! It is skincare that cares for your skin and maintains its quality through true results.