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Kevin Murphy

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About Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is an Australian born Master Stylist who has long been working in the fashion industry. With many years working on photo shoots, runway shows and trying celebrities, he found it difficult to find hair products that treated the hair with care and at the same time made it easy to create beautiful and revolutionary hairstyles.

Named by Vogue magazine as the man that created the “beach hair” style; Kevin Murphy knew hair and knew it very well. He knew the ingredients needed to create beautiful and healthy hair and therefore decided to create his own hair care line. Kevin Murphy Hair Care was born out of the idea that hair care products should be formulated just as skin care products. The ideals behind hair care should be focused on creating youthful, healthy and beautiful hair that looks fabulous and enhances your overall image.

Kevin Murphy Hair Care is “Skin Care for your Hair”. Products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Enriched with nourishing natural extracts such as Bamboo and Orange Blossom. They smell delicious and leave you hair absolutely transformed. All products are void of paraben and sulfates, to help maintain your hair healthy.

Kevin Murphy as a brand is the choice of those who truly understand the importance of hair. Hair should be treated like your skin, with care and special attention.