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About Keune

Keune Haircosmetics is created with the idea that hair is part of our lives, it tells a story about who we are and where we have been. Keune views hair as part of who we are, it identified us as individuals and expresses how we feel. Keune Haircosmetics was started in 1922, creating perms, they were the first hair care line to create perm formulas throughout Europe. From perm formulas, Keune ventured into hairsprays, creating formulas that allowed professionals to maintain their client's’ style all day. From hairsprays, they ventured into hair gel and other styling products. With the success of their styling line, they moved forward to create shampoo and conditioners for a variety of hair needs.

Keune Haircosmetics aimed at being identified as a “cosmetic” for your hair enriched with hair vitamins, as it helps create a more beautiful and enhanced finish. Keune hair care products create hair that is healthy and beautiful. It is hair care created with the best ingredients and tested by experts through Europe. Keune is known for being used in top fashion shows and by top hair stylists throughout the world.

Keune is all about getting the hair you deserve, hair that tells the world who you are and what you have accomplished. Keune understands that hair is important to how we see ourselves and how others view us, and for this reason they strive to create products that give you healthy and luxurious hair easily and affordably. 

Understanding that we all have a social responsibility, Keune started their “HairWish Foundation”, a foundation that donates hairpieces and wigs to children who have lost their hair to ailment or medical treatments. They work alongside salons worldwide to help to collect hair and create wigs and hairpieces for these children, further creating beauty and self-confidence in those who need it most.